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22 July 2011

SirsiDynix Enterprise 4.1 released

SirsiDynix Enterprise 4.1 released

SirsiDynix have announced a major new release of their discovery platform, Enterprise 4.1, now available for Horizon. Enterprise 4.1 can now be installed locally on a library server, in the past it was a hosted-only service.

Also pricing has been slashed on Enterprise 4.1 making it much more affordable for libraries in this economic climate - contact Interleaf Technology for details

Enterprise 4.1 is the new discovery platform for SirsiDynix for Symphony and Horizon databases. The discovery platform is an enhanced web catalogue that offers searching of other resources as well as the libary database.

The new version of Enterprise has many great new features and can be viewed on the SirsiDynix demo site here. Feel free to try out the demo. Enterprise 4.1 is supported by Symphony and Horizon version 7.5.

It is a real advance on previous Web Catalogues from SirsiDynix and has a completly new look and feel.


Allow users to find websites, PDFs, subscription content and catalogs. 

iPod type coverflow images of book covers

fuzzy logic - "did you mean?" (search for recycaling and it returns hits for recycling)

search facets - toggle on and off

highlighted search terms

integration of Rooms Digital Content (see Teenscene on demo)

Only show available items option

Totally customisable

Facebook "like"  integration

Coming soon.....Searching the catalogue direct from the Library Facebook page

for a full list of new features see the products page here

More information

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