BS_product_box.jpgBookStream is designed to significantly speed up the book processing requirements of libraries.

Most Irish Public Libraries use supplier visits to select materials. Books are chosen at the supplier’s premises and are serviced by the supplier prior to dispatch to the library.

Consequently, there is no need to use the Acquisitions module to initiate orders to the supplier. With the recent introduction of Agresso in most local authorities, the financial management part of the transaction is carried out in a different system from the Library Management System. Therefore there is no need to use the acquisitions module.

This does not get over the biggest bottleneck in processing the materials: checking the items against the invoices and cataloguing them.

This is where BookStream comes in.

The BookStream service takes advantage of the fact that the supplier services the library’s materials and can produce an electronic version of the invoice. The only additional step for the book seller is that they put the library’s unique item barcode on the book and record it in the invoice.

Interleaf takes the electronic version of the invoice, extracts full MARC records from the OBAIRR database, generates short MARC records from the invoice file with item level information embedded in it, and sends the MARC records and the invoice file to the library.

The invoice file is then opened in the BookStream client software which is loaded on workstations in the library. The invoice is reconciled simply by scanning the item barcode. This is then checked against the invoice file and confirmed as being received. Various reports are generated if items are missing or extra items have been received and labels/catalogue cards for non-automated branches can be generated.

The library then loads the MARC records into the Library Management System and full catalogue and item records are generated. For Horizon systems this is simply pressing a button on the BookStream screen. Other library management systems use their own internal MARC load routines.

Since BookStream has come on line, we have achieved a hit rate of over 90% against OBAIRR. Titles that do not get a hit against OBAIRR generate short “circulation ready” catalogue records. We are constantly looking at options to improve hit rates.

If you would like some more information on BookStream, please contact us. 

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